If the mechanism to grow strong in faith is glory then the question must be; how do we grow in our ability to give God glory? That must be answered in order to be strong in faith.
Abraham of all people must have felt the weight of this question, as he tested personal glory by clever adaptations to God’s call by taking a slave/servant woman to bare him a son. Abraham tried by his own means to bring about God’s promise which is simply impossible. The finite cannot possibly birth the infinite, just as limitless cannot be contained by the limited. To think one could fit the ocean in a bathtub is plain silly, just as it is silly to think that God’s glory can be contained by a human.
The question remains; what brings God glory and how do we grow in our ability to give him glory? To bring God glory you must have God’s glory. After salvation we have the process of sanctification, which is the process of the Holy Spirit engaging in our lives for us to live for God. The Holy Spirit is God’s glory on man. The Holy Spirit enters our soul after salvation and begins the process of changing our hearts desire from sin to desiring God and his ways. As God’s glory fills our soul, we cannot possibly contain it. Again, as the bathtub cannot contain the ocean, we cannot contain the glory of God.
Fatih comes by God’s faithful interaction in our lives. Abraham grew strong as God’s presence/glory was revealed to him. God being always faithful, always trustworthy, always good demonstrated the very things Abraham needed to give him glory. Just as he always demonstrates to us faithfulness so that we can give him glory.
If we are to give God glory it must be by finding ourselves in God’s glory. As his presence is upon us by daily submitting to him, by opening the Scriptures, calling on him to rescue us from an unclean heart, to lead and direct us, God’s glory fills our hearts, minds, and pours out our body by the way we act and talk. In that we demonstrate his character and the by-product is faith.