The Weight of the Cross

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Romans 5:8

But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

We come to this passage this morning with a certain amount of weight. All of humanity is born with a weight that is so heavy that it cannot be lifted by anyone that is finite. Only the one who is wondrously powerful can lift such a burden, and that is only Jesus Christ. The burden that no man can escape or lift is sin. Sin is simply anything that isn’t right with God. Sin is missing the mark. Being born with the weight of sin we must understand that sin only leads to death and separation from God. Sin is the denial of God, the absence of wanting God to be in control the forfeiting of doing it His way. Sin is essentially telling God I don’t need your or want you to be a part.

The weight of sin is devastating to humanity. The weight of sin is eternal. Everyone who sins deserves the wrath of God as sin places us in opposition to God. Ok so we are needing some good news about now. The GOOD NEWS is that Jesus lifted the weight for those who trust in Him as their savior and surrender their lives to Him as Lord. Sin being a position of opposition like a defensive line opposing an offence moving the ball down the field places the sinner against Jesus. By surrendering to Jesus, you say I no longer want to oppose you, rather I want to join you in your mission and purposes.

The weight of the cross is too heavy for any person to lift. In fact, you will be lifting it for all of eternity as it will simply crush you. Jesus however, He came that you would be forgiven of your sin. Jesus loved you to the point that He took on your sin on the cross, paid your penalty, and gave you hope by extending His love to you. Remember this, “Jesus died for me.” Can you say that with me, “Jesus died for me.” Jesus died so that He would taking on the weight of your sins so that you would find forgiveness and hope through him.

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