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Would you attend Sunday services if it was prayer? 

What a question to ponder. If Sunday morning was "just" prayer what would the American Churches attendance be? I think this is a fair question.

The modern approach to church seems to have built a house of consumerism and self-centeredness. Picture this; no drums, pianos, choirs, or videos, no orator piquing the interest of the crowd, rather a gathering of the church to just call out to God with urgency and desperateness. 

Would God and prayer be enough to capture the interest of the American church? Could you go to a church service that is simply prayer? 

Prayer has nothing to do with entertainment. Our imagination is not captivated in prayer other than the longings that Scripture causes us to imagine our life filled with the very presence of God. In prayer, you are not living vicariously through the preacher, getting your emotional cup filled from the singing,  or held captive by the order of service. Would prayer be enough for you to be able to attend a service? 

Sadly I believe if the church would advertise next week that next Sunday that every congregation would spend its totality in prayer, many would-be empty, or near.   

We have to shift our thinking of why we gather on Sunday mornings. The church should gather to not just talking about Jesus, rather talk to Jesus. The very essence of the church is that God would be with his children. Let us be satisfied to gather together to pray to our Father, rather than about our Father. Let us call on Jesus' name instead of scratching the surface or our heart's desires. 

We have spent the last several decades: singing, preaching, ice cream socializing, and with many other events and the church is collapsing in America. If prayer is the pursuit of God through his truths by calling to him, then is God enough and the pursuit of God enough for the modern American church? 

Let's get back to Acts 2:42. The fellowship that takes us deeper in Christ. Preaching that builds faith. Communion that causes reflection and brings about holiness. and to prayer that transforms the soul.