Have a question?

Here are some of the common questions we are asked.

What is it Like?

Vertical is a vibrant community that; welcomes without judgment loves without condition, forgives without limit, and fellowships without prejudice. Worship is contemporary, the sermon is applicable, and the people are kind. 

What about my kids?

We love kids! Vertical has an exciting kids min that engages your child where they are at in order to help them grow closer to Jesus. All of our volunteers go through a screening process and are trained.

As soon as you walk in the door one of our volunteers will help you check your child or children in to ensure proper security of your child during your visit to Vertical. From infants to 5th grade Vertical teaches your child to be in passionate pursuit of Christ. 

Where do I park?

Parking is phenomenal at Vertical. Our parking includes 26 spots between Vertical's lot, but most park at the beautiful Gallipolis City Park and walk across the street to Vertical. 

What do I wear?

Come as you are! We are a welcoming church that is very friendly. What you will see is jeans, t-shirts, shorts, and even some polos.